BinMaster Introduces Modbus-Compatible Control Console for SmartBob Inventory Management System

The BinMaster Model C-100MB is a compact control console that allows control of a SmartBob sensor network via a Modbus interface, simplifying bin inventory management for organizations that utilize the Modbus communication protocol routinely in their operations. SmartBob2 and SmartBob-TS1 sensors are utilized to take automated measurements using cable-based technology and the C-100MB console then provides an interface for the Modbus master to initiate measurements, monitor measurement progress and retrieve data for any or all SmartBob sensors enabled in the C-100MB console. Remotely accessed via a Modbus interface, the C-100MB console makes it easy to control from 1 up to 120 SmartBob sensors with a few keystrokes or automatically through use of an interval timer or external start input signal.

The console provides a 4-20 mA current output that, in conjunction with the external start input, provides for a traditional interface to a PLC (programmable logic controller) or DCS (distributed control system) system. Vessel configuration is quick and easy with a simple and intuitive user interface, configurable in either the English or Spanish languages. Measurement formats can be displayed as headroom percentage, headroom height, headroom weight, product percentage, product height and product weight. Vessel configuration and user settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained in the event of a power failure. The C-100MB console is designed to a NEMA 4X rating and when properly installed will be resistant to windblown dust and rain.

“BinMaster designed this version of the SmartBob control console for the convenience of our customers who utilize the Modbus serial communication protocol as a standard in their day-to-day operations,” stated Todd Peterson, vice president of sales for BinMaster. “As Modbus is one of the most commonly used means of connecting industrial electronic devices, BinMaster wanted to ensure that SmartBob bin inventory management was compatible with these systems.”