Volume 6, Issue 6

Flow Detect 1000 Indicates Flow/No-Flow condition of Coal at Power Plant

A coal-fired power plant owned by the Omaha Public Power district recently installed BinMaster Flow Detect 1000 sensors on feeders to assure there is a constant flow of coal to furnaces in the plant. In the event of a plug or equipment malfunction, the Flow Detect sends out an alarm to alert the operator that coal has stopped flowing through the feeder.

“The quick response time of the Flow Detect is very important because it instantly alerts us of a problem and helps keep the plant running at 100% efficiency,’’ said Ralph Schneider, electrical coordinator at North Station. The Flow Detect 1000 features remote electronics located in separate housing. With this unique “split” configuration, the sensor’s electronics may be safely mounted up to 400 feet from the transceiver, out of harm’s way.

State of the Art Premix Plant Automates Bulk Storage Inventory Monitoring with SmartBob II

International Nutrition is in the business of manufacturing medicated and nutritional feed premixes. Their management made a commitment to use the latest technologies to increase operational efficiencies. Their latest improvement has been to replace the rock-and-rope method of measurement to check inventory levels with a labor-free and instantaneous inventory measurement system called SmartBob.

There are ten bulk storage silos and two liquid tanks that have been outfitted with SmartBob II remote sensors. They range in height from 12 to 35 feet. They contain a variety of materials that include rice hulls, limestone, microlite, solulac, and mineral oil.

Measurement information from the 12 SmartBob II remotes is fed into an IBM-compatible PC equipped with BinMaster’s Inventory Management Software (IMS). The software provides a graphical representation of the measurement in distance, weight, and percent full. The IMS software also provides history, alarms, date/time, measurement scheduling capabilities, and alarm set-points.

The SmartBob system benefits International Nutrition by:

  1. Saving labor costs
  2. 2ncreasing safety
  3. Reducing mistakes
  4. Increasing efficiency

Tired of Broken Down Bin Indicators?

BinMaster’s rotary paddle switch performance enhancements have significantly improved the reliability of this type of level switch used to prevent bin overflow, empty conditions, clogged chutes, and jammed conveyors. Also, BinMaster rotary units can be installed almost anywhere dry bulk materials are stored. From the outside, the BinMaster rotary might look the same as any rotary level control, but on the inside, you find a specially designed motor and shaft assembly that makes BinMaster rotaries the most reliable you can buy — period. 

The GR II Maxima is in a Class by Itself

The GR II Maxima is the smartest rotary level control you can buy. So smart, in fact, that it monitors both motor and power failures. When the GR II Maxima receives a signal that there has been a failure, it gives an immediate warning and an instantaneous corrective response. This means the Maxima automatically controls the process system to prevent costly material spills and plant downtime. The Maxima also features a highly visible LED light for visual monitoring of paddle rotation, covered condition, and fault condition. It is a level control with built-in peace-of-mind.

New “Fiber Thin” Diaphragm Cover Offers Additional Abrasion Resistance

Outstanding abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to heat & cold, and low moisture absorption are among the most important characteristics of the new BinMaster diaphragm. The combination of hypalon, nylon, and neoprene give FiberThin the qualities necessary for long life in harsh environments, such as those seen in grain and aggregate storage.

Solids Flow or No-Flow? We have the answer.

The Flow Detect 1000 is a non-contact flow sensor that is capable of providing a signal indicating the flow/no-flow conditions of solids or powders in pipelines, air-slides, chutes, bucket elevators, transfer points, and conveyer belts. This technology is virtually unaffected by noise, light, pressure, heat, humidity, or dust. Used for automation purposes, the Flow Detect 1000 optimizes the efficient use of machinery and energy by switching process equipment on or off as required.