Volume 48, Issue 28

BinMaster solutions designed to make your job easier and safer

Question: I’m managing inventory. How do I know which sensor I need?

Answer: Unless you have x-ray vision, you’ll need a continuous level sensor to monitor changing material levels in your “binventory.” Download this free white paper on how to select a continuous level sensor. In it, you’ll learn about the types of sensors that are available and the pros and cons of each. Know what information you need to gather before working with a sensor supplier to get the best recommendation for your sensor application to cost-effectively manage your "binventory."


Rotary Level Indicator
•  Alerts to loss of power, failure of the motor or electronics
•  Visual LED status light for uncovered, covered, and fault conditions
•  Helps eliminates spills and process shortages due to failures  
•  Use with audible horn or light for instantaneous notifications

What sensors are compatible with eBob?

Now, so many!
With the newest release of eBob 5.3 not only SmartBob’s using Protocol A or B, but also the NCR-80 non contact radar, GWR-2000 guided wave radar, SmartSonic and MNU ultrasonic, SmartWave radar, PT-400 and PT-500 pressure transmitters, and the 3D Level Scanner using Modbus/RTU are compatible with the software.

Go with the Flow
FD-2000 for Flow/ No Flow Detection with Hazloc

Comply with FSMA! Detect even the tiniest trickle of flow in powders, granules, pellets, and solids. The Flow Detect 2000 prevents cross contamination by making sure flow has stopped completely before switching over to a new material. It’s now certified to North American Class II, Division 1 Groups E, F, & G and ATEX Zone 21 hazardous location standards.

TDR with Modbus & Hazloc
GWR-2000 Guided Wave Radar
New GWR-2000 works in vessels up to 100 feet tall with accuracy of ±0.08 inches (2mm). TDR sensor features hazardous location approvals, a very small upper dead zone, and performance in low dielectric materials down to 1.3. Plus, with Modbus/RTU communications you can integrate GWR-2000 with eBob software or BinView.

Red Carpet Rollout!
NCR-80 Non-Contact Radar
Just introduced in mid-July, the BinMaster NCR-80 non-contact radar level sensor is getting quite the reception. Its powerful 80 GHz signal is focused in a narrow 
4° beam angle for precise targeting to avoid the flow stream, internal structure, or sidewall buildup, making it far superior to 26 GHz models with a 10° beam angle. Get consistent, reliable performance in powders and bulk solids at measuring ranges up to 394 feet and accuracy within .2”, even if there is excessive noise or dust.

Does your sensor have an image problem?
ONLY Sensor with 3D Image

A 3D scanner can speak VOLUMES to inventory accuracy. Unlike single-point measurement sensors like radar and laser, it measures and maps multiple points on the material surface. Then it converts those measurements into a 3D visual, so you know where the high and low spots are and whether the cone is up or down. Comes in handy when you’re determining where to fill or empty and if you’ve got buildup.

Works Well Under Pressure
PT-400 and PT-500 Pressure Transducers
Measure liquid levels in tanks and now connect those tanks to eBob, too! The PT-500 submersible pressure transmitter offers simple, “drop-it-in” installation, low current draw, and hazloc approvals. The PT-400 offers external mounting for easy access, tough construction for harsh conditions, hazloc approvals, and built-in lightning protection