Volume 47, Issue 27

BinMaster sensors and solutions for a simpler and safer workplace 

Question: We’ve got tall silos with lots of dust. Will any non-contact sensor work?

Answer: Not all sensors will work in high dust environments in powders and solids. Ultrasonic and laser are generally not recommended. However, acoustic sensors like a 3D scanner or very high power radar are quite reliable in excessive dust. The new NCR-80 with 80 GHz frequency works in silos up to 393 feet tall and measures in a 4° beam angle with accuracy of 0.2 inches. The narrow beam angle allows for precise targeting to avoid the flow stream, internal structure, or sidewall buildup.

Queston: Can I get levels on my SmartPhone?

Answer: Yes, you can. Most any sensor measuring solids or liquids using a Modbus/RTU protocol is compatible with BinView. This cloud-based web application provides data access from your SmartPhone, tablet, or PC.


Hazloc Approvals
1. Single-piece NEMA 4X enclosure houses both sensor and controls
2. Prevents cross contamination to comply with FSMA or USDA
3. Doppler technology detects the tiniest trickle of flow 
4. Use in distributors, chutes, feeders, pipeline, or conveyors

LL-100 Laser Level Transmitter for Solids & Opaque Liquids
Measure distances up to 160 feet with accuracy of +/- 1 inch. Use it for level control, plugged chute detection, or monitoring buildup. Tight 1° beam can be precisely aimed in narrow silos or to avoid structure or corrugation. Adjustable 10° mounting flange directs beam to the output or bottom of the silo. Easily configured without filling or emptying the silo while in the field using a USB port.

Mercury-Free Tilt Switch
The BM-TSM-EX mercury-free tilt switch features C/US Class II, Division I Groups E, F and G and ATEX Zone 21 hazardous location approvals. The innovative, patented tilt switch is designed for affordable, high level detection of powders and bulk solids with a bulk density of at least 15 pounds per cubic foot.

3D Scanner MVL for Big Bins
Only the 3D scanner measures and maps multiple points on the material surface. And it’s the only system combining data points from multiple sensors for VOLUME accuracy in big bins. No other system gives you an image of what the bin topography looks like. Any bin over 45 feet in diameter will benefit from two or more 3D scanners. Proven in flour, carbon black, fly ash, grain, DDG, alumina, frac sand, and more.

UltraSonic Tank Sensors for Liquids
Monitor tanks from 4 inches to 50 feet tall with non-contact ultrasonic level sensors. BinMaster offers loop powered, self-contained, and Modbus-enabled models. The MNU Modbus-enabled sensor is easily integrated into remote tank monitoring via the Internet using BinView. Get tank levels via your PC, tablet, or SmartPhone.

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