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PitView® solves problems with pit and lagoon monitoring

Measure pits and lagoons, generate reports, and view historical trends without the use of manpower. The PitView® cloud application reduces the risk of a harmful spill or breech of your manure management system. 

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Feedview® Helps Control Rising Feed Costs

FeedView® takes everything swine and poultry operations do with feed inventory and organizes it in one simple software. It does away with climbing bins, manual measurements, and spreadsheets.

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Eliminate Feed Delivery Emergencies

Swine and poultry operations have a new solution to eliminate complex spreadsheets and climbing bins. Battery-powered, wireless sensors are combined with intuitive, simple software to automatically measure feed inventory. FeedView delivers timely data to a smartphone, tablet, or PC – transforming the way farms schedule feed deliveries.

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DW Prouty Joins BinMaster Network

Dwight W. Prouty Company has been serving a diverse base of industrial manufacturers and power plants since 1969. The company will now offer the full line of BinMaster sensors and software solutions. The Mobile, Alabama-based company provides integrated industrial solutions for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, pulp, paper, mining, food, petrochemical, and many other industries.

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BinMaster and Phenix Team Up in Northern California

Phenix is a manufacturer’s representative for material handling and control equipment in the Northern California and Western Nevada areas. The company will now represent BinMaster level control and inventory management solutions in Northern California. 

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Monitor Tanks, Pressure, and Truckloads with BinCloud®

BinCloud® takes your inventory in bins, tanks, or silos and organizes it in one simple software.  It does away with climbing vessels, manual measurements, and spreadsheets. Instead, get one log in to view current levels, place orders, and generate reports. New features in BinCloud® make inventory management increasingly easier, intuitive, and convenient.

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Randy Feese Appointed Vice President of Operations for Garner Industries

Randy Feese has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Operations for Garner Industries. This promotion is in recognition of Randy’s contributions since assuming the position of plant manager for Garner in October of 2018. 

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BinMaster and Grunn Team Up in Brazil

This Brazilian company has more than 13 years offering high quality instrumentation from world-renowned brands and companies in Germany and Austria. Grunn will now also sell BinMaster products manufactured in the United States. The company offers integrated industrial solutions for the agricultural, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, cosmetics, glass, mining, chemical, furniture, and many other industries.

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Inventory QuickViews and truckload management with BinCloud

New features released in BinCloud® V1.3 make inventory management evermore easier, intuitive, and convenient.

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Inventory Management Software Compatible with HART Sensors

Is opening multiple programs or going to a PLC or HMI to get all the data you need to manage silo inventory a hassle?

Binventory® is an advanced inventory management software for BinMaster. Monitor the level of solids or liquids in bins, tanks, or silos from one platform. 

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Let BinCloud® Change the Way You Work

The BinCloud® platform is an integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks, and silos. It enables on-site and remote workers to work via the cloud.

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Compact Non‐Contact Radar with Bluetooth Setup

The new CNCR Series of 80 GHz radar level sensors continuously measure liquid levels in tanks up to 98 feet

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Push‐Button Access to Silo Inventory

Get inventory data instantly at the push of a button. The C‐100 console mounts at a convenient location in the plant or a loadout. Employees simply  walk or drive up to the C‐100 and review level data from level sensors from  one to 128 silos from a single console.