Feed Mill at Hawkeye Pride Egg Complex

Feed Mill at Egg Complex

Hawkeye Pride Egg Farms LLC
Corwith, IA • 515-583-2600
Number of layers: 3 million
Feed milling capacity: 2,000 tpw
Number of employees: 76
Products: Whole graded shell eggs, liquid eggs
Key personnel:

  • Randy Epting, complex manager
  • Randy Geyerman, CFO
  • Jeff Detrick, feed division manager
  • David Neerem, plant manager
  • Dan Yoeman, superintendent
  • Marty McNeill, scale operator

Supplier List
Batch control system ......
Wisconsin Electrical Mfg.
Bearing sensors .......4B Components Ltd.
Bin level monitors ..BinMaster Level Controls
Bucket elevators ..........Schlagel Inc.
Contractor ....Younglove Construction LLC
Conveyors (drag) ........Schlagel Inc.
Conveyors (screw) ............. Thomas Conveyor Co.
Distributor ....Hayes & Stolz Ind. Mfg.
Dust filters ................AirCon Corp.
Elevator buckets ............Tapco Inc.
Engineering ................... Younglove Construction LLC, Bill Lyster
Magnets ......................Schlagel Inc.
Manlift .....Schumacher Elevator Co.
Microingredient system ................. Intersystems
Mixer .............Scott Equipment Co.
Motion sensors .....4B Components
Roller mills ...CPM Roskamp Champion
Scales .........Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.
Screener ............................. Andritz
Steel storage (welded) ......Meridian Mfg. Group
Truck probe ................ Intersystems
Truck scales ..Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.

Towering 144 feet over the flat at Hancock County, IA prairie southeast of Corwith, the new feed mill serving the huge new Hawkeye Pride Egg Farms layer operation (515-583- 2600) is easily the tallest manmade structure for miles around. The new feed mill, which has been in operation for about a year, is dedicated solely to supplying feed to approximately 3 million hens housed in five single-story poultry houses adjacent to the mill. Hawkeye Pride is a joint venture between Center Fresh Group, a poultry and egg operation headquartered in Sioux Center, IA, and a group of local farmers and other investors in Hawkeye Pride’s north central Iowa area. “At Center Fresh, we had been working with Primera Foods, a Wisconsin company that wanted to secure a steady supply of eggs for their processing plant nearby,” says CFO Randy Geyerman. “At the same time, our owners were looking for a place to expand. This part of Iowa has a lot of poultry and egg production, so we knew we’d be welcome here.” To construct the feed mill, the newly formed Hawkeye Pride selected Younglove Construction LLC, Sioux City, IA (712-277-3906). Feed Division Manager Jeff Detrick says company officials met with Younglove at a trade show and awarded the contract shortly after that. “They have a strong reputation, and we’ve done business with Younglove built feed mills in the past, so we were familiar with their work,” he says. Construction began in the fall of 2010 and was completed a year later.

Mill Flow
No pelleting is done at the Hawkeye Pride feed mill, says Detrick. All of the feed produced in the mill is conveyed in bulk to the adjacent poultry buildings via a series of 5,000-bph Schlagel drag conveyors, where it is stored in four 60-ton Meridian welded steel tanks per building. The slipform concrete mill structure itself stands on a 32-x-32-foot footprint and contains 19 ingredient bins holding 1,241 tons of ingredients total. There are no finished feed bins, since all feed is produced as needed and immediately conveyed next door. An attached tank standing 32 feet in diameter by 144 feet high holds 73,650 bushels of corn storage. Incoming bulk ingredients are delivered via truck to a pair of enclosed receiving pits which feeds a 10,000-bph Schlagel leg. There is no bulk grain storage on site; incoming corn goes into a hopper bin inside the structure that sits directly over a pair of 45-tph CPM Roskamp Champion Model DPRM 1200x36 roller mills for grinding. All mill functions are under the control of a WEM batch automation system. These are focused around a Scott fi ve-ton double-ribbon mixer, which mixes feed at an average 105 tph or 50 seconds average mix time. Liquids and fats can be added at the mixer, as well as micro ingredients from a 16-bin Intersystems system. Detrick notes that Hawkeye Pride does its own NIR testing of ingredients and, as needed, finished feed. An outside firm performs CV tests on the mixer.