Cereal Production

Grain Storage
Application: Grains – such as wheat, corn and rice – arrive at the plant and are stored in large silos before being further processed.

Challenges: Grain is stored in large silos making it difficult for the end user to accurately measure the volume of inventory available to ensure a continuous supply for the cereal production process. Knowing the amount of grain entering and exiting the silos is important in correctly calculating material costs to meet quarterly and annual financial reporting requirements. BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner delivers reliable and accurate inventory readings even in large silos with uneven material surfaces

Temper Silos
Application: Cooked grains are allowed to cool for several hours, stabilizing the moisture content of each grain.

Challenges: The humid condition of cooked grains combined with the time the grain remains stored inside the temper silo promotes the formation of buildup along the silo walls. Additional dust generated during the filling process further complicates accurate inventory measurement. The 3DLevelScanner reliably delivers accurate level and volume measurement despite the humid, dusty storage environment. Its 3D visualization tool generates a real-time 3D display of the topography of the cooked grains inside the silo, allowing early detection of material buildup. This enables the end user to schedule timely maintenance to avoid unexpected interruptions in the production process and associated losses in time and money.

Sugar Storage
Application: Sugar is an important ingredient in the production of cereal and is stored in silos before being mixed with grains.

Challenges: Sugar and sugar dust tend to accumulate, as they can be sticky and prone to buildup, so understanding actual material content continuously becomes very difficult. The material’s sticky nature challenges level measuring systems which need to operate even if sugar sticks to the antenna or other system parts. BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner is capable of performing reliably in this harsh environment. The 3DLevelScanner’s 3D visualization tool provides a real-time 3D display of the sugar’s distribution inside the silos, identifying areas of buildup. When buildup is detected, maintenance can be performed in a timely manner, preventing interruptions in the production process and reducing delays in the delivery schedule and the associated losses of time and money.

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