Cement Silos

Cement Silos
Application: Cement is stored in large silos before entering the mixing process.

Challenges: Loading cement into the silo creates a very dusty environment that makes it difficult for many non-contact measurement devices to measure reliably or accurately. The cement is prone to buildup and rat holing making the material level and volume difficult to measure. Knowing the quantity of material is important to ensure adequate inventory for a continuous production process. In addition to providing accurate, reliable measurements of the volume of cement stored in the silo, the BinMaster 3DLevelScanner’s optional 3D visualization tool lets end users see the actual distribution of cement inside the silo, allowing for early detection of buildup along the silo walls. This facilitates the timely scheduling of maintenance and cleaning to avoid unexpected interruptions of the concrete manufacturing process and associated losses in time and money.

Aggregate Silos
Application: Aggregates are stored in silos prior to being sent to the mixing process.

Challenges: As concrete is produced by mixing fixed amounts of raw materials coming from different silos, it is essential to have sufficient quantities of all raw materials on hand to avoid unnecessary and unexpected production stoppages. Therefore knowing the amount of the different type of material stored in each silo is crucial to controlling the overall production cycle. BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner provides accurate real-time measurements of the volume of the material stored in separate silos, significantly enhancing the end user’s inventory management and control capabilities. 3DMultiVision software enables the end user to view all silos simultaneously, without the need for opening a new window to view each silo.

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