Q4, 2017: Point Level Indicators and How to Use Them

Fourth Quarter 2017 Insider


The rotary or paddle level indicator is the most popular choice for high and low-level alerts. BinMaster offers a fail-safe model, extensions, paddles and custom options along with fast delivery times.

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Choosing the Point Level Sensor for your Application 

Point level indicators are an affordable, accurate tool to measure and alert to inventory high and low levels. Learn what to expect from a point level device, evaluate point level options in the marketplace, and explore considerations when choosing a sensor in BinMaster's newest white paper.

Capacitance Probe

Standard, hazloc, and custom probes for hazardous locations, sanitary applications, flexible hanging probes, flush mounting, remote electronics, auto calibration, heavy duty, compact and bendable probes.

Vibrating Rod

A vibrating level switch is used for high and low level indication or plugged chute detection. Select from standard or custom-lengths, rigid and flexible extensions, high temperature, and compact vibrating rods

Pressure Switch

This pressure switch is an affordable bin level alert or plugged chute detector. Choose internal or external mounting, optional Class II explosion proof certification, and from four diaphragm materials.

Tilt Switch

Alerts when the switch is tilted 15° when mounted in bins, chutes, silos, or suspended over conveyors or open pits. Mercury-free BM-TSM has hazloc Class II approvals; BM-T is for non-hazardous locations.

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