Q2, 2018: Level Detection Reaches a New High

Get Revved Up on Rotaries

Check out the just-released 2018 rotary product line brochure to get the lowdown on rotary options. See the widest variety of custom extensions, paddles, and mounting options. Select from the fail-safe MAXIMA+, reliable BMRX, or compact Mini-Rotary — shipped fast and built to last! 

Teflon Coated Sensor Measures Up in Sticky Situations

BinMaster's new Teflon-coated sphere for the SmartBobTM level sensor helps keep the probe free of buildup and reduces maintenance. Pair SmartBob with BenventoryTM software, the BinViewTM remote data monitoring web application, or the C-100 display console for easy, affordable inventory management. 

Simple Guide to Selecting a Continuous Level Sensor

Get practical guidance on choosing a continuous level sensor without having to wade through volumes of technical data. This whitepaper shows the sensor types available, weighs the pros and cons of each type, and lets you know what information you need to gather before working with a sensor supplier. 

BinMaster Talks Trash

Garner Industries employees (home of BinMaster) supported the Great Nebraska Trash Off cleaning up a 2-mil stretch of Highway 6 in Lincoln. 

New Video Redefines Radar

The dust-defying NCR-80 non-contact radar with a narrow beam excels in powders and solids stored in silos up to 393 feet tall. In just two minutes, you'll see BinMaster's wide range of models, mounting options, and data communications for your phone, tablet, or desktop. 

Digital Display Brightens Your Day

The DPM-100 digital panel meter displays your data clearly in bright sunlight, fog, dust, or from a distance. It's compatible with Modbus-enabled sensors including BinMaster's NCR-80 non-contact and GWR-2000 guided wave radars. It sets up as a master, slave, or snooper and continually scans and reports on up to 16 process variables. 

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