PP and PE Storage Silos

Application: The final granular product is stored in silos before being shipped to plastic product manufacturing plants or being packed in bags.

Challenges: PP and PE pellets have a low dielectric constant which adversely affects the ability of radarbased devices to reliably measure the amount of stored PP and PE pellets remaining in the silo at any given time. Further barriers in obtaining accurate measurement of the stored inventory are caused by the dust generated in the filling process and occasional moisture, which combine to create buildup on the antennas and TDR’s. The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner’s unique dust-penetrating technology delivers accurate and reliable measures of the PP and PE pellets in the silos, even in such harsh conditions, and its self-cleaning mechanism allows it to operate continuously, making it essentially maintenance-free. Since PP and PE prices are on the rise, it is more important for end users to accurately assess the amount of inventory in the silos.

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