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Triboelectric Dust Detector

Dust Detect 1000 utilizes triboelectric technology, whereby the collision and interaction of particles with the probe rod causes a small electrical charge transfer to occur. This small electrical charge provides a signal that is monitored by the electronics in the device.

It is designed to prevent false readings, even if an accumulation of dust forms on the sensor rod. Emissions readings are averaged, not smoothed, to eliminate false alarms. It can be set to make prewarning indicator alerts to potentially hazardous situations or be set to provide an instantaneous alarm or one-minute averaged readings.

BinMaster offers a 4-20 mA output for applications where Dust Detect 1000 will be used with a PLC.

Why you need it

Alerts to Dust Levels Outside of Preset Standards

The Dust Detect 1000 measures particulate emission levels using a logarithmic scale against a set reference point, which is established by averaging the level of emissions for a given environment. It activates a switch-selectable alarm that is set for either an instantaneous reading or one-minute averaged level reading.

By averaging the emission readings, the Dust Detect 1000 eliminates false readings commonly found with other dust monitoring systems that smooth readings. This device also provides a pre-warning alarm which alerts to potentially hazardous situations

Single Device Emissions Monitoring

The Dust Detect 1000 is a single device dust detector designed to continuously monitor the flow of particulate emissions from small stacks or other emission points being passed through a filter within an air filtration system.

It easily installs in the exhaust ductwork and can be used to detect leaks from diverse types of baghouse filters, ceramic filters, cartridge filters, or cyclone filters.

The probe on the Dust Detect 1000 is designed to recognize abnormal particulate levels outside user-defined preset parameters and initiates an alarm when changes in emission exceed these levels.

Monitors Emissions in Dusty Conditions

The Dust Detect 1000 installs easily in the exhaust duct of an air filtration system, with either a 3/4” or a 1-1/4” NPT mount. Some common applications include monitoring conditions during the processing or manufacturing of:

Ferrous MetalsFeed or Grain MillingChemicals
Non-Ferrous MetalsFood ProcessingPharmaceuticals
Mining or MineralsPulp and PaperRubber Compounding
FoundriesTobacco ProcessingBattery Manufacturing

Makes the Workplace Safer, More Efficient

The Dust Detect 1000 helps to prevent the loss of valuable product and dramatically improves the safety of the workplace by alerting personnel to changes in emission levels before they become serious, which can virtually eliminate emission-related shutdowns. The device is simple to use, yet feature rich, making the Dust Detect 1000 a highly accurate and dependable dust monitoring system.

Common Uses of Dust Detectors

  • Continuous monitoring of emissions through an air filtration system
  • Powder leak detection for baghouses, cartridge filters, bin vents and cyclones
  • Used to detect particulates such as metals, chemicals, fly ash, or pharmaceuticals
  • Common in food, power, mining, and plastics industries

Dust Detect Specifications

Power Requirements115 VAC, 50/60 Hz ±15%, 5 VA, 230 VAC optional
Output RelayTwo SPDT 10 Amp relays (warning & alarm)
Ambient Temperature-25°F to +160°F (-32°C to +71°C)
Process TemperatureUp to 250°F (121°C)
Pressure500 PSI
Housing EnclosureCast aluminum, USDA approved powder coat finish
Mounting·       1-1/4” NPT or 3/4” NPT 316 SS standard
 ·       1-1/4” NPT 316 stainless steel & sanitary flange optional
AlarmDual alarm (alarm is 2x pre-alarm) switch selectable for instantaneous or one minute averaged
Sensitivity1 mg/m (.0005 gr/SCF)

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