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BinMaster, is part of Garner Industries, a manufacturing company with a 70+ year history. Established in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1953 as a small tool and die company, Garner embarked on the development of an automated grain bin level monitoring system in the mid-1960s, giving birth to the BinMaster line of level control technologies. 

BinMaster is a leading U.S. manufacturer of point and continuous level indicators and inventory management systems used for monitoring the level of bulk solids or liquids in bins, tanks, silos and hoppers. Material management solutions include all-digital grain monitoring systems, flow detection sensors, and complete solutions using wireless devices & cloud-based applications to send data to a control room, console, smartphone, tablet, or PC. Robust, custom systems can be developed for a single site or networked for every bin, tank, and silo across a multi-national operation.

BinMaster level sensor products are sold in diverse industries worldwide, including agriculture, construction, cement, mining, biofuels, and food processing. Garner Industries is certified to ISO 9001 quality management systems – requirements.


BinMaster releases the new BinCloud IOT platform for all BinMaster Sensors and many other manufacturers sensors.

BinCloud has FeedView, ResinView, CementView, AgriView, PitView, and BinView apps that help with inventory management in their respective industries.


BinMaster released FeedView to provide inventory management for bulk feed applications.

The unique FVL-200 allows FeedView to be both practical and economical.


BinMaster introduced the NCR-80 non-contact radar.

The NCR-80 has become the standard in the industry for continuous level measurement in bulk solids.


BinMaster brought the 3D Level Scanner to the US market and today the world.

The 3D Level Scanner allows the ability to "See" the material geometry inside a bin.


BinMaster moved into it's current location a 115,000 sqft facility.

This set stage for growth in the years to come.


BinMaster experiences tremendous growth.

BinMaster introduced additional products including capacitance probes and vibrating rods for addtional point level measurement.


BinMaster introduced the SmartBob "yo-yo" type level sensor.

The SmartBob level sensor was the first senor BinMaster produced that could provide "Continuous" level measurement.


Additional CNC capacity was added at Garner and the GR Rotary paddle makes it's first appearance.

BinMaster starts to become a name in the industry with the GR Rotary.


A local bin manufacturing company came to Garner and asked if Garner could produce a diaphragm switch.

This was the first BinMaster product and it is still part of BinMaster's product offerings today.


Garner Industries was formed as a small tool and die shop, by Ed Garner.

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