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C-50 - Analog expansion box


C-50 - Analog expansion box with vertical slots available for 6 analog cards (four 4-20 mA analog loops per card). Must be powered with 24 VDC.

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The BinMaster C-100 control console provides convenient walk up or drive up access to level and volume data indoors or outdoors at the push of a button. The C-100 offers measurements displayed as feet or cubic feet, US gallons or bushels, and tons, metric tons, or kilograms. Measurements can be output as height of material or distance to product (headroom). Configuration uses intuitive push-button controls in English or Spanish. User settings are stored in a non-volatile memory to protect against data loss in the event of power failure. All models feature a 24 VDC power supply and a NEMA 4X rating for resistance to dust and rain. The C-100-SB model is used with SmartBob sensors, the C-100-MB is for use with SmartBob sensors requiring a Modbus output, and the C-100-R is compatible with NCR non-contact radar, GWR guided wave radar, and SmartSonic ultrasonic level sensors.

  • Convenient data access from a truck load out or walk up by users at ground level 
  • Monitoring vessel levels as material height or headroom in real time from a centralized location 
  • Safely and easily initiate and view measurements from multiple sensors in a network 
  • Local control and monitoring for operations using SmartBob, non-contact radar, guided wave radar, or sensors with Modbus communications  
  • Use as a stand-alone display or integrate into a network using BinView or Binventory (eBob) software  
  • NEMA 4X enclosure is resistant to windblown dust and rain 
  • Six-button, membrane style external keypad for user control and operation 
  • Backlit LCD graphics display accesses current vessel data instantly 
  • Intuitive push-button interface makes it easy to configure the unit and retrieve data 
  • Option to display height of material or distance to material (headroom) 
  • Measurement units in feet or cubic feet, US gallons or bushels, and tons or metric tons 
  • C-100 indicates status of the SmartBob sensor during the measurement cycle
  • NEMA 4X impact resistant, polycarbonate plastic enclosure for installation in an indoor or protected outdoor environment 
  • Industrial operating temperature range of -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C) 
  • Two water-tight cord grips for easy attachment of cables 
  • RS-485 port for the SmartBob network with lightning / surge protection circuit provides transient protection from lightning 
  • Internal memory chip retains user settings, vessel configuration, and last measurement data in the event of a power failure 
  • Wiring compartment is easily accessible for installation and maintenance 

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