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Inventory Management for Bins

PC-based inventory management installed on your company’s LAN, WAN, or VPN. This easy-to-use software is a great alternative to PLC, HMI, and SCADA systems. Binventory®—formerly known as eBob—is a one-time purchase for software that gives you control over security and users.

Monitor solids and liquids in bins, tanks, or silos with one login

With Binventory all the programming is already done. There are no extra components to buy, and no programming skills needed. Simply enter the bin and material parameters and it is ready-to-go, right out-of-the box. You can even configure complex vessels of different shapes and sizes, such as horizontal tanks, split silos, and non-linear tanks using a simple wizard.

When you want even more inventory accuracy, bulk densities and strapping tables can be entered for solids, while entering specific gravity for liquid tanks ensures spot-on volumes.

Compatible with many BinMaster level sensors

Binventory works with many BinMaster sensors including SmartBob cable-based sensors, non-contact-radar, guided wave radar, 3D scanners, ultrasonic, and laser level sensors. Network devices and wireless options cut down on wiring and labor costs and send sensor data over long distances.

Improve inventory management and stay on top of your supply chain.

Be in the know with everyone in the loop

Get automated alerts, inventory levels, and historical reports on your PC or tablet. Share data from Binventory with your vendors for VMI and authorized users in production, purchasing, and finance. It is simple to use and requires no special training or support, so it eliminates labor intensive manual reporting and reduces interruptions to your workday.

Users view one site or all sites

Binventory™ can be used at one location or across an entire company using its multi-site feature. All you need is access to your company LAN, WAN, or VPN. If someone needs a current reading from a vessel, they can simply click on the “get reading” button.

Everyone saves time and stops climbing to measure each bin, making it safer while optimizing inventory levels and storage capacity.

BinCloud vs Binventory

What's the difference?

Binventory is a software program installed and used on a local area network.

BinCloud is a SaaS software as a service web application that resides in the Cloud and is accessed via an internet connection.

Designed with the YOU-ser in mind

How to Configure your Secure Local Network

  • Dedicated PC functions as the Binventory™ host/controller PC, and is connected to sensors using RS-485 communications or wireless transceivers
  • Host/controller PC connects to a LAN, WAN, or VPN to allow access by other computers on the same network
  • Measurement history and system parameters are stored in a SQL database, either locally on the host PC or on a corporate server
  • Viewer software is installed on other PCs on the network to access the SQL database and view measurement data or system parameters

Measure Liquids or Solids in Any Vessel

Binventory™ supports any shape, type, and size of vessel. Choose from the following vessel types or configure your own:

  • Vertical cylinders with conical, hemispherical, dished, or ellipsoidal heads
  • Horizontal cylinders with hemispherical, dished, ellipsoidal or conical heads
  • Rectangular vessels with or without chutes
  • Vertical or horizontal oval-shaped vessels
  • Spherical or round vessels
  • Custom vessels configured using a lookup table

4 Ways Binventory Saves Time & Money

  • Monitor vessel levels in real time to optimize vessel levels for maximum storage capacity
  • Share information with managers or vendors at multiple locations simultaneously
  • Requires minimal labor, no third-party applications, and no monthly access fees
  • No time climbing to take vessel measurements continually and manually

Features to optimize production and reporting

  • Automated email for alarm notifications; email detailed inventories at scheduled times
  • View data for an individual vessel, a select group of vessels, or all vessels
  • Activate instant readings or program automatic measurements
  • Set programmable alarms for high / low levels or “time to replenish”

Industries that use Binventory

Grain, seed, and feed
Food and beverage processing
Ethanol and bioenergy
Power plants
Aggregates and cement
Concrete batch plants
Mining operations
Metal manufacturing
Chemical processing
Plastics and resins
Pulp, paper, or wood pellets
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