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BC-GW-100 BinCloud Gateway


BC-GW-100 BinCloud Gateway collects sensor data and sends it to the BinCloud platform on the web. Base unit includes 2 - RS485 inputs.

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The BinCloud® Gateway flows data quickly and seamlessly in and out of a network. In an inventory management system, level sensors send measurements to the BinCloud gateway to push data quickly to BinCloud inventory software for access by the user via phone, tablet, PC or a control room.

  • Cloud inventory management in a wireless sensor network
  • Makes local or remote inventory monitoring system easy
  • Sends data from level sensors to a software or web application
  • Works with BinMaster and competitors’ Modbus-capable devices
  • With FeedView® or BinView® and FVL-200 / SPL-100 laser level sensors
  • Along with LTR-100 for LoRa communication to any BinCloud software
  • Compatible with a variety of network infrastructures
  • Supports RTU, TCP, and RTU over TCP protocols
  • Fast update times of two to five seconds
  • Global cellular coverage using 4G LTE, CAT-M, and NB-IoT technologies
  • Accepts 4-20 mA, digital, mV, RTD, and Potentiometer inputs
  • Optional setting to auto-switch to cell data if Ethernet or WiFi network fails
  • Cell modem replaceable upon release of next generation cellular
  • Can connect to multiple Modbus networks simultaneously
  • Work with BinMaster’s wireless technologies to connect remote sensors

Power Requirements: 120 - 240 VAC

Mounting: Mounting system, gasket, and cover included

Dimensions: 10” W x 8” T x 4” D

Enclosure Type: NEMA-4X

Enclosure Material: UV-Resistant Polycarbonate

Weight: 4 lb.

Warranty: One year from date of shipment

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