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3D level scanner for accurate volume measurement in bins, silos

See the hills and valleys in your bin or silo with the 3D Level Scanner, a technology exclusive to BinMaster. Chat with someone now (bottom right) or fill out this form. One of our 3D gurus will help you. 

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3D Level Scanner right for you?

When you need accurate volume in dusty bulk solids bins with irregular material topography. The 3D Level Scanner maps the hills and valley in big bins.

Accurate as heck.

  1. Acoustic technology defies high dust
  2. Multiple-point level measurement. One sensor.
  3. Detects cone up, down and sidewall buildup
  4. Shows minimum, maximum, average distances
  5. Accounts for topography in volume calculation

Kick-butt software

  1. 3D visualization of material topography
  2. View multiple vessels on a single screen
  3. Zoom in on any bin for details and 3D visual
  4. Tool to manage filling, unloading, cleanout
  5. See sidewall buildup. Prevent silo stress.

Measures big bins 

  1. Accurate volume in large diameter bins
  2. Multiple 3D scanners map material surface
  3. Synchronized visual shows entire bin
  4. Great for bins with many filling or discharge points
  5. Ethanol. Big ag. Milling. Mining. Domes.
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