Modbus Network Display


The MND is a local Modbus display that is capable of providing display functions to remote Internet-connected sensors or acting as the Modbus master in an exclusively local application.The MND Modbus display works with up to 10 Modbus sensors as a master, as a slave, a snooper or even as a power source.The MND is controlled by three buttons that allow you to cycle through, select options, and input data. The compact display shows volume, level, distance and pressure and has selectable units of measure.

The MND also gives you the ability to alter sensor settings using the Modbus registry and to power a sensor with its batteries.It is compatible with the MNU Modbus-compatible ultrasonic sensor, the MPX-E magnetostrictive sensor, the PT-500 submersible pressure sensor and the PT-400 externally mounted pressure sensor.

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