Control Console


The SmartBob C-100 Control Console is the easiest way to remotely initiate and view measurements from multiple SmartBob sensors. This compact, manually-operated console provides basic, local control and monitoring of one up to 120 SmartBob sensors at a single location – with just the push of a button. The SmartBob console can be used alone or integrated into a network using Binventory (eBob) software. 

The SmartBob Console is a valuable inventory management tool giving users access to a wealth of information. Individual bin parameters are programmed into the C-100 console and measurements are displayed as distance to product, height of product, percent full, and weight. Units of measurement can be displayed in feet or cubic feet, US gallons or bushels, and tons or metric tons. Additionally, you can select the Measurement Type as product or headroom and Measurement Format in pounds, tons, or kilograms. All bin parameters, last measurement data and all user settings are retained in a non-volatile memory in the event of power loss.

For users who routinely utilize Modbus in their operations, BinMaster offers the model C-100MB, a compact console that allows control of a SmartBob sensor network via a Modbus interface to simplify bin inventory management. SmartBob sensors take automated measurements using cable-based technology, and the C-100MB console then provides an interface for the Modbus master to initiate measurements, monitor measurement progress, and retrieve data for any or all SmartBob sensors enabled in the C-100MB. Remotely accessed via a Modbus interface, the C-100MB console makes it easy to control up to 120 SmartBob sensors with a few keystrokes or automatically through use of an interval timer or external start input signal.

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