Vibrating Rod for Sediment Level Detection

Model:VR-21 SED and VR-41 SED

The VR-21 SED and VR-41 SED are vibrating rods designed to detect the level of sediment or solid material that has settled in a tank containing liquids. The vibrating rod vibrates in water and then stops vibrating when solid material reaches the level of the probe. When wired to a horn or alarm panel, personnel are alerted when the sediment has reached the probe and the sediment needs to be removed from the tank. The VR-21 SED is the standard model with a 7.37” insertion length and is recommended for use on the tank wall. The VR-41 SED model is a rigid extended vibrating rod for top mounting applications and is custom made with extensions from 13” up to 13’ long, dependent on the needs of the application.

The VR-21 SED and VR-41 SED are commonly used in the water and wastewater industry where the sensor is used to detect the level of salt, lime, chemicals, silt and sediment that has settled in tanks at water treatment plants. The VR-21 and VR-41 SED can also be used for other applications in food and beverage manufacturing, chemical or metal processing, pulp and paper making, and at mining operations. Applications include measuring sediment in brine tanks or soak tanks, detecting sand or silt that has settled in tanks at quarries or mines, timely removal of sand and dirt at pumping stations or measuring manure or compost that has settled in refuse vessels. Alternative uses include detecting the level of materials such as ash, carbon, lime, silt and mud once they have settled under water.

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