Rigid Extended Vibrating Rod


The VR-41 is designed for use with a variety of heavy, medium and light materials ... including extremely light, fluffy materials. Intended for top mount locations, it is available in lengths from 13 inches up to 13 feet. A rigid one-inch pipe extension is available in galvanized or stainless steel dependent on the material application. The VR-41 has optional hazardous location approvals to CSA standards for Class II, Division I, Groups E, F, and G in the US and Canada. The VR-41 is custom-manufactured at BinMaster’s factory to meet customer specifications.

Like the VR-21, its unique single-rod probe design with a sword-shaped blade prevents bridging of material, making it superior to typical “tuning fork” designs by allowing material to easily flow by, preventing build up on the blade. Features include a self-cleaning sensor, switch selectable high/low fail-safe, and an auto sensing power supply which can accommodate 20 – 250 volts AC/DC. Remote electronics via a point level alarm panel are available to alert to bin levels for four up to 24 individual sensors.

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