eBob Software

Model:Version 5.3

eBob Inventory Management Software is designed to help users gather real-time inventory data from storage bins. The eBob program works in conjunction with BinMaster SmartBob2 remote level sensors to provide measurement data to a personal computer. This bin measurement monitoring solution collects data from up to 256 vessels and allows for data to be viewed via LAN network connections by authorized users. eBob software generates reports that can be used to increase operational efficiency and provide valuable real-time and historical data used for effective decision making.

The new 5.3 release of eBob works with a wide variety of sensors including the 3DLeveScanner, SmartBob cable-based sensors, ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, and pressure transducers used for level measurement. This upgrade of eBob software allows for configuring vessels of various shapes and sizes, including horizontal tanks, split silos, and non-linear tanks that can be difficult to configure and monitor. A simple wizard that contains drawings of each tank type is easy to setup to ensure accurate results. Bulk density properties as well as strapping tables can be entered for vessels containing solids, while specific gravity is entered for liquid tanks.

eBob software  provides customers with a LAN, WAN or VPN to access the bin level measurement data at every site on the network and activate a current level measurement reading in real time. The new eBob multi-site feature can support any number of sites and vessels across the company regardless of location, so long as they are accessible via the company’s private network. 

eBob software helps customers more effectively manage bin levels without having to manually inspect and measure each bin, saving valuable time while optimizing bin levels and storage capacity. It provides for highly affordable inventory tracking for any size of operation using computer-based technology to provide detailed information. Instead of “making rounds” to obtain manual readings, customers can log on to a personal computer, log-in using their unique password, and then view real-time data on their bins. It is easy to use and requires no special training or support.

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