SmartBob SS for Submersed Solids


The SmartBob2 SS sensor option is a proven solution when the requirement is to measure the level of solid material below a liquid surface, such as in brine interface applications. It can be used in tanks where solid material settles at the bottom of a tank, such as for measuring the level of settled salt, sediment, sand or metals under water. The SmartBob SS is an excellent alternative to relying on sight tubes and can be used in any application where solid material needs to be measured under liquid. Examples include water treatment, wastewater facilities, food processing, petroleum refining, chemical processing, and salt and metal mining.

The SmartBob-SS sensor drops a weighted Bob through the liquid; when the Bob comes into contact with solid settled material at the bottom of the tank, it retracts and sends a measurement to a SmartBob control console or a PC loaded with eBob software. The SmartBob-SS sensor’s special design comes configured with a 3-inch standpipe for ease of installation, a stainless steel cable that stands up to corrosive materials, and a SureDrop cap that prevents the weight from being retracted into the pipe and protects the device from unwanted material entering through the standpipe.

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