Moisture Sensor Cable


The moisture sensor cable is used to monitor the ambient relative humidity at two to four different sensor points in the grain bin. The relative humidity is used to calculate grain moisture content using the EMC curve (Equilibrium Moisture Concentration).The data from these sensors is used to turn on the aeration fans only when needed to minimize shrinkage due to loss of moisture content. Crop-Protector™ Aeration Control software also shows the moisture content of the grain over time and displays the information on a trend curve. In most silos, a single moisture cable is all that is needed to monitor grain moisture content. Accurate, digital moisture measurement helps control losses due to spoilage that can occur if excessive moisture is present, or shrinkage due to moisture loss caused by excessive aeration.

It is most common for a moisture sensor cable to have three sensors. The top sensor is located just under the silo roof to monitor the relative humidity in the head space. The data from this sensor is used in the Crop-Protector™ Manager software to control the operation of roof vent fans. Two other moisture sensors are located at high and low levels along the cable to detect the moisture level present in the grain. 

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