Temperature Sensor Cable


Crop-Protector™ temperature cables use advanced digital sensors encased in a rugged polymer cable equipped with fittings we machine in our BinMaster factory. This digital technology is proven to be highly accurate with a long service life, resulting in lower maintenance, higher reliability, and lower total cost of ownership than other types of temperature cables. Data from the temperature cables can be sent to a desktop or laptop PC or a wall-mounted touch PC loaded with Crop-Protector™ software. It is also possible to connect to a PLC or SCADA system, or a compact handheld reader. 

The cables are easily installed from inside the roof using a suspension hook or steel wires or from outside the roof using a mounting plate. Cable length is set so the cable clears the bin sweep auger. These temperature cables are designed to be maintenance-free and accurate over a long life of service.

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