80 GHz Non-Contact Radar for Solids


The BinMaster NCR-80 is a non-contact radar level sensor designed specifically for superior performance in powders and bulk solids. It uses a powerful 80 GHz frequency focused in a narrow 4° beam angle that allows for precise aiming to avoid the flow stream, internal structure, or sidewall buildup. This ensures reliable performance at measuring ranges up to 393 feet and accuracy within 0.2 inches. The NCR-80 is resistant to interference, while its advanced filters ensure rapid signal processing and an update rate of less than one second. Its advanced firmware constantly tracks echoes and automatically eliminates false echoes for reliable performance. The NCR-80 is ideal for continuous, single-point level measurement in tall and narrow vessels where there is excessive noise or dust.

There are two configurations of the NCR-80 and three different housing options including plastic, stainless, steel, or aluminum. One features a 10°swiveling, stainless steel flange for precise targeting at the material in the silo. The other mounts using a 8° swiveling flange or a mounting strap that allows for adjustable targeting and has a lightweight plastic antenna. The antenna lens is encased in a sealed antenna system. This makes it resistant to dust buildup and virtually maintenance free. The optional BinDisc interface installed within the housing offers simple push-button sensor setup and configuration. Once configured, data can also be sent to a PLC in a control system.

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