Magnetic Float Level Sensor


The FLE magnetic level switch is designed to meet the rigorous requirements when measuring in hostile liquid environments including many toxic and corrosive fluids. The FLE float switch offers up to three switch points for increased control and cost savings. You can monitor three different levels with a single sensor and a single mount, instead of using three separate sensors. The FLE features a compact vertical design, unlike suspended float switches that require room to operate. This vertical float switch works along a probe, or stem, for point level indication dependent upon where the switches are located on the stem.

Every FLE multi-level float switch is custom-made to the user’s specifications, ensuring it works precisely based upon the application requirements. You can specify the type and size of the mount, 304 SS or 316L SS construction, the type of housing, the number of switch points (up to three), the switch point locations, the float type, and probe length (up to 24 inches). Its rugged, made-in-the-USA construction ensures long switch life in tough environments and reliable precision for accurate inventory monitoring.

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