Magnetostrictive Level Sensor for Constrained Spaces


The MPX Series magnetostrictive level sensor provides extremely accurate and repeatable level readings in a wide variety of liquid level measurement applications from water to harsh chemicals. The MPX liquid level probe is very precise, extremely rugged and is generally unaffected by temperature. The MPX-E features a compact float design that allows it to be used where space is constrained or limited. It can be configured for taking one or two measurements, at both the interface level measurement and a total volume level.

Its RS-485 Modbus RTU output makes the MPX compatible with any Modbus controller or PLC. It also simplifies wiring dramatically, saving time and reducing installation costs. Alternatively, the MPX liquid level sensor is compatible with BinView, and is able to communicate level data via the Internet. This liquid level sensor is built to last for years and withstand harsh, high turbidity environments in hazardous locations. It also has several material options for the stem and floats for maximum chemical compatibility and to ensure long life.

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