Diaphragm Switch for Hazardous Locations


The BM65 offers UL Class II, Groups E,F & G explosion-proof certification and can be used in environments where there is a risk of combustible dust. It provides automatic point level indication of free-flowing dry materials and can be installed to detect high, intermediate and low levels. It provides an audible or visual alert when attached to a horn, siren or light. It features simple, rugged construction and long lasting durability.

The BM65 offers both internal and external mounting options - with the external mount offering simple installation and easy access to the operating mechanism. To make it adaptable to a variety of materials, BinMaster offers the choice of a standard neoprene diaphragm, a heavy-duty neoprene diaphragm or a heavy-duty silicon diaphragm. The BM65 can be used in conjunction with the point level alarm panel, which provides a centralized alert station for four to 24 point level indicators.

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