Acoustic Level Sensor


The BinMaster RL is designed to provide highly reliable level data in challenging environments where dust levels are extremely high. The non-contact, continuous level sensor works in powders and solid materials of all types. Unlike some types of non-contact level sensors, the BinMaster RL can be used in very low dielectric materials which historically have not been compatible with non-contact devices. Although the RL looks just like the S, M and MV 3DLevelScanner, it is different because the purpose of the RL is level data only.

It performs better in dust compared to other technologies, such as ultrasonic. It uses acoustics-based technology at very low frequencies, which allows it to penetrate dust. Another unique quality of the BinMaster RL is that it is self-cleaning and requires very little maintenance unlike other non-contact technologies that require manual cleaning of the sensor which entails frequent climbing of silos, which can be a safety hazard.

The BinMaster RL is designed to be easy to program and simple to maintain. A “quick-start” guide allows the RL to be configured directly from a screen on the head of the device or alternatively, from a PC. The RL outputs a 4-20 analog signal for simple connection to an existing control system or display module.

This non-contact level sensor is an economical choice when non-contact technology is required to prevent contamination in environments such as food manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical processing. It is also ideal when any operation wants to eliminate the risk of a contact device that might break off and damage or get caught in equipment that might be present on the bottom of a silo, such as a sweep or conveyor.

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