3DLevelScanner with Teflon Coating

Model:3DLS TC

The Teflon coated antenna is an option for the 3DLevelScanner that is used in extreme conditions when dust or powdered materials cling to the device and interfere with the acoustic pulses of the 3DLevelScanner. Teflon has one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid, resulting in a slick surface that resists buildup. Use of the Teflon horn prevents dusty or sticky material from building up on the antenna, ensuring optimal performance by the 3DLevelSCanner. Use of the Teflon-coated antenna also reduces the frequency for cleaning the antenna, prolonging the maintenance cycle.

Some examples of applications for the Teflon-coated antenna include soybean meal, which tends to be very sticky and can build up on a standard antenna, especially under humid conditions. Flour or dry milk are another dusty materials that can clog an antenna. Sugar powder, although not problematic as flour or dry milk, is a sticky material that can interfere with antenna effectiveness over time. Using a Teflon-coated antenna significantly extends the interval between cleanings in all types of dusty, sticky materials.

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