DUCM para Comunicación Modbus TCP/IP


The DUCM is a device that allows you to send data to your PLC via Modbus TCP/IP. This allows you to remotely access, control, and manage data from Crop-Protector digital temperature cables, moisture sensor cables, and a weather station over an IP network or the Internet. The DUCM converts serial data from the RS-485 port from the Crop-Protector Master-Hub to Modbus TCP/IP for register access across the Ethernet. It offers simple DIN rail mounting and 24 VDC operation and a front panel LCD display and keypad for easy setup.

Two isolated serial ports and one Ethernet port are standard; a second Ethernet port is optional for the DUCM. The serial ports are independently software selectable between RS‐232 and RS‐485. The optional second Ethernet port with internal switch can support daisy‐chain configurations. You can access sensor data and configure setup parameters using a built-in web page. It allows for SCADA or similar applications that already support direct connection with Ethernet to communicate with serial devices independent of the serial protocol used.

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