Portable Temperature Monitoring for Grain

Digital temperature sensor lances and portable handheld readers make it easy and affordable to monitor the temperature of grain, hay, or silage. Detect hot spots and spoilage in grain where cables are either impossible to install, cost prohibitive, or are just needed on a temporary basis. The rugged digital temperature sensor lance can be used to measure the temperature of grain in piles, warehouses, barns, railcars, wagons, trucks, or ships. It can also be used to detect high temperatures in hay or silage that could lead to combustion or compromised quality.

This solution requires no power, no installation, and can be set up quickly and easily. Simply insert the lance into the grain, wait a few minutes, and the current temperature is displayed on the handheld reader. Alternatively, up to 20 lances can be inserted and daisy-chained together and left in place for longer term monitoring. Temperature data history can be transferred to a PC using a memory stick that comes with the handheld reader.